Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sebastian and the Great Moon Conundrum

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In the furthest corner of a tiny little village, in a tiny little room above a tiny little toyshop, Sebastian Button was tucked up in bed.

Page 3-4

In that magical moment before the blanket of sleep fell upon him, Sebastian heard something very strange indeed.  Like a whoosh and a boom and a crash and a crunch. He peered through his bedroom window and “HOLY CANNOLLI” ... what was that?

Page 5-6

He tiptoed down the stairs into the cold dark night and there, right in front of him, was THE MOON. Sebastian looked at the sky and, precisely where the Moon should have been, was a great big hole.

“Moon,” he gasped. “Did you fall out of bed?”

The Moon said nothing.

“Don’t worry,” whispered Sebastian, “I do that all the time.”

Again, the moon said nothing. He just stared at the vast twinkling sky and sighed.

Page 7-8

Sebastian rolled up his sleeves. “I'm going to help you,” he declared and immediately set to work.

He heaved and hauled... nudged and budged... pushed and shoved. But the Moon was stuck.

Page 9-10

Sebastian flopped down and sighed. “It’s impossible,” he said. “You’re just too big and too heavy.”

At that very moment, a tiny bush cricket sprang out of the grass and landed on Sebastian's head. “Clear the way!” it chirped before leaping over the Moon and into the night.

“HOLY CANNOLLI” cried Sebastian. “If I can’t lift you up then I’ll bounce you up!”

And with that he set about making the biggest and bestest seesaw the world had ever seen.

Page 11-12

Soon enough, Sebastian was ready. He wedged one end of the seesaw under the Moon’s bottom then climbed to the top of a tree.

“Are you ready?” he shouted.

The Moon winked, Sebastian jumped and... SNAP. The seesaw broke.

“Oh bubbles”, sighed Sebastian.

“Oh bubbles,” agreed the Moon.

And that was the end of that.

Page 13-14

Sebastian sat on the broken seesaw and gazed at the Moon. The world around him was as still and silent as a shadow until ... too-wit- too-woo.

“HOLY CANNOLLI” he cried. “That’s it.”

He clambered onto the branch of a tree then trilled and tweeted, chirped and cheeped until a sleepy little sparrow appeared next to him.

“Please,” asked Sebastian, “can you teach the Moon to fly?”

The little brown bird set to work wiggling and jiggling, flittering and fluttering, hopping and flapping but, like a bogie on a finger, the Moon stayed stuck.

“Oh bubbles,” sighed Sebastian.

“Oh bubbles,” thought the Moon.

And that was the end of that.

Page 15-16

Not far away, distance a dog barked and, in a flurry of frantic flapping, the sparrow flew away.

“HOLY CANNOLLI” cried Sebastian picking up a lost feather. “That’s it!”

At once he set about hammering and drilling and sawing and gluing until he'd made a most magnificent flying machine.

The Moon looked at it all tied together with string and sticky-tape, and shook his head.

Page 17-18

“It’s okay,” said Sebastian, “it’s absolutely VERY perfectly safe.” 

The moment he climbed in, however, the flying machine creaked and groaned and wibbled and wobbled, then crumpled and crashed to the ground. 

“Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles,” wailed Sebastian.

“Bubbles indeed,” thought the Moon.

And that was the end of that.

Page 19-20

With a heavy heart, Sebastian set to work clearing up his broken flying machine. How silly he’d been to believe he could help the Moon.

But as he tidied and swept, he caught sight of a spider’s web bejewelled in dazzling dew drops. His eyes opened wider than a crocodile’s mouth. 

“HOLY CANNOLLI” he whooped. “That’s it!”

Moments later he returned from his father’s tiny little toyshop carrying the biggest bunch of balloons the Moon had ever seen.

Page 21-22

In the twinkling of an eye the Moon floated up towards space.

‘Nearly there’, he thought, ‘nearly home’ and with a Moon sized YAWN he closed his eyes and dreamt of bed. He barely noticed when the first balloon caught on a prickly star and popped ... or the next ... or the next ... until there were no balloons left.

For the second time that night, the Moon tumbled out of the sky and landed in Sebastian’s garden with a BUMP and a CRUNCH.

Page 23-24

First the Moon’s nose grew red then his bottom lip quivered then a single tear slid down his cheek followed by another and another until a large puddle of salty-water filled the garden.

Page 25-26

“Oh Moon,” whispered Sebastian. “What can I do to cheer you up?”

He did a crazy wiggle-dance. He sang a beautiful song. He pulled a funny face. But nothing could put a smile on the Moon's gloomy face.

Finally Sebastian threw his arms around the Moon and gave him the biggest, tightest, squeeziest hug he could muster. And that’s when something magic happened.

Page 27-28

A big smile spread across the Moon's face and, as it did, they both began to rise. The more Sebastian hugged, the happier the Moon became and the higher they flew. Up, up, up they went, through the clouds, past the prickly stars, over the Milky Way until, at last...

Page 29-30

... the Moon was home, in his very own bed, in a happy little corner of night. Sebastian was overjoyed for his new friend but he was also tired and a tiny bit troubled.

“Your home is beautiful," he said, admiring the vast glittering blanket of foreverness that surrounded him. "But how will I get home to my own bed?"

The Moon grinned and before Sebastian could say “HOLY CANNOLLI” ...

Page 31-32

... he was whooshing through space on a shooting star.

Soon he would find himself in the furthest corner of a tiny little village, in a tiny little room, above a tiny little toyshop, tucked up in bed and fast asleep. 

The End

Written by Corrinne Garstang
Copyright © 2016 Corrinne Garstang. All Rights Reserved.


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